Welcome to Clan WUN-2




Our usual playing schedule:

00:00–23:305 days a week

We are speaking: English

We prefer: Skirmishes, Advances, Team Battles and Tournaments

We are a part of Sir Havocs’ community which is based on learning and our aim is to be have fun whilst constantly improving our game play. 
We provide a friendly no pressure environment where there are no demands on commitment, but we do ask members playing in Platoons, Strongholds, Team Battles to be logged into Teamspeak with a working mic and headset. 

1. English speaking with a sense of humor and be 16 years of age or older
2. Use of Teamspeak, Headset with MIC 
3. Always use TS when in when lodged into world of tanks 
4. Willingness to Train- improve and work as a team player 
5. A minimum of Tier 1 Tank

We are currently recruiting reliable, active and enthusiastic players and invite applications, but ask that you visit our Teamspeak channel. Address = ts3.w-uni.com or IP
Speak to one of our officers so we can consider your application.