Welcome to Clan WUNI 3

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Our usual playing schedule:

8:00am - 10.30pm  7 days a week 

We are a friendly social English speaking, multi national clan.

We are a part of Sir Havoc's, Havoc X gaming community we focus on improving new as well as experienced players in a friendly, non-pressure environment.

H2VOC is a social clan, emphasis  is the bonding experience, chatting and having a laugh. While we aim to do tier 6 & 8 Stronghold and Team Battles, we're focussing on training and fun games.

1. English speaking with a sense of humour and be 16 years of age or older
2. Use of Teamspeak, Headset with MIC 
3. Always use TS when logged in to world of tanks 
4. Willingness to improve and work as a team player 

We are currently recruiting reliable, active and enthusiastic team players and invite applications, but it is required you log in to our teamspeak server ( first. Once you're there speak to one of our officers so we can consider your application.

Happy tanking, fellows! Smile