Welcome to Clan WUNI 4

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We are fun multi-national English speaking clan that plays mostly world of tanks however our members enjoy other games such & WOWS & PUBG.We prefer social fun, chilled game play, with platoons and skirmishes and anything else that is fun.

We are a part of Sir Havocs’ Havoc X Gaming Community - We are here to help players to have fun and improve their game play.

We provide a friendly environment where communication is key. Our players must possess a working headset and be active on Team Speak - our Address = ts3.havocxgaming.com

Our minimum requirements for any new applicants:

1- Respect your fellow tankers.
2 - English speaking
3 - 16+ years of age
3 - 4k+ Battles
4 - At least 1,000 recent WN8 and 49% overall win rate or higher
5 - At least 1 acceptable T8 Clan Wars tank
6 - Actively participate in Strongholds, Team Battles when needed
7 - Be on Teamspeak while playing 

and most of all ... be willing to have fun, learn and improve. 

All applicants are judged on an individual basis, we value the person and not necessarily stats If you do not quite fit the minimum requirements but wish to apply we will still consider your applications, alternatively please consider applying to world of tanks University.


To apply please join our TeamSpeak-Server at ts3.havocxgaming.com and have a chat with our recruitment staff.