Welcome to Clan WUNI 5

H5VOC Logo WOT.png



Our usual playing schedule:

13:00–17:00  2 days a week

We are speaking: English

We prefer: Skirmishes, Advances, Global Map, Team Battles and Tournaments

We are part of the Havoc X community formed by Sir Havoc with the aim of bringing a friendly environment and learning to those players who wish to improve their gameplay.

We, as a clan, are focused primarily on the team play aspect of the game including Clan Wars and Strongholds. Our aim is to learn by actively taking part as well as by playing in platoons with fellow members.

There are some minimum requirements for the W-UNI 5 clan

1 - Be English speaking with a sense of humour
2 - 16 years old or over
3 - 4k+ Battles
4 - 1000 recent wn8 and 49% overall win rate or higher
5 - At least 1 acceptable T8 Clan Wars tank i.e. IS3
6 - Take part in Strongholds and Clan wars as and when needed
7 - Be available for at least 2 nights per week
8 - Be on Teamspeak when in WOT after 5 pm UK time
9 - Have a willingness to share knowledge, improve and work as a team player
10 - Actively participate in team games.