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Our clan mate Athrun12341 has a youtube channel based on WoT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXgYy3WFghDa2KXwM5oLzWQ/videos

While you will find members from this clan in the game around the clock, our clan events are on M-W-F at 9 pm EST, and Saturday at 8 pm EST.
We do ask that all members have TeamSpeak and speak English.
We prefer to focus on: Skirmishes, Advances, Global Map, Team Battles and Tournaments. 

We are part of the Havoc X community formed by Sir Havoc with the aim of bringing a friendly environment and learning to those players who wish to improve their game play. This clan is focused primarily on team play such as Clan Wars and Strongholds. Our aim is to become a highly competitive and feared clan but also to have a place for socializing.

Just a reminder ... When there are 15 people in the battle (Tier X Skirmishes/Advances), it's more important to only say things the rest of the team NEEDS to hear. There's just too many of us to talk about "what just happened". We can save that for after.

We have a few basic requirements:

1. English speaking with a sense of humor.
2. 16 years of age with a mature personality.
3. Be available and prepared to engage with others on Team speak when in game.
4. 2.5K Battles, Recent WN8 1000.
5. Actively participate in all clan activities.
6. Tier VI, VIII & X tanks preferred.
REMEMBER: What you type in game chat can be saved for future use against you and the clan. Our reputation is important to us, so please consider that before typing!

We invite applications from committed, active and enthusiastic players, but ask that you visit our TS channel and speak to an officer so we can consider your application.

TS address: (no password required)